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A basement can be an amazing getaway. Yet most people use it just for storage or perhaps a laundry or workout room. A finished basement can dramatically increase your overall living area. You can convert it into a game room, an additional bedroom and bathroom, a theater room or just a multi-functional space.

Before you attempt a project like this, however, you must ensure that your basement is not vulnerable to water damage. If it is, this issue must be fixed before moving forward with any finishing or refinishing project.

Half Price Roof has experienced remodeling contractors that can transform an unfinished basement or update an older one. All our installers are trained and certified, and we follow manufacturer specifications to a ‘T.’

Restore Your Water-Damaged Living Space

Have you noticed that your basement drywall feels damp? Maybe you’ve seen stains on the walls, ceiling or paint. The most telltale sign of water issues is the smell of mold or mildew, or actually seeing warped or moldy wood surfaces.

If you have noticed any of these signs, it’s important to take steps to immediately rectify the issues before they become worse. For one, mold growth can lead to all sorts of concerns, including respiratory problems for sensitive occupants.

At Half Price Roof, we have products available that are waterproof as well as stain- and mold-resistant. We’ll find the source of the leak or water intrusion in your basement and ensure that it won’t be a problem in the future. Let us inspect your basement and provide you with a same-day estimate.

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