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Solar makes a lot of sense, but does it have to look unattractive on your house or commercial building?

Half Price Roof takes all the steps possible to not only help you lower your electric bill, but also ensure that your new solar system is properly installed and waterproofed for years to come using the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing solar products available. This is why our teams have gone through extensive training to become one of exclusive solar contractors in Cincinnati OH, to help give you the peace of mind in knowing that our in-house solar installers are also roofing and waterproofing experts. In fact, in many cases we will be able to use BIPV solar panels, which are designed to integrate seamlessly into your roof.

No matter what kind of roof you have – tile, single-ply or asphalt, flat or pitched, we have a good-looking, efficient solar solution to meet your needs.

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Lower Your Energy Bill

By installing a solar system, you become your own energy provider, reducing electricity costs for the next 20+ years. Most Cincinnati utility companies, will track your electricity generation through net metering and should credit you for the excess solar power you produce.

Over the past 5+ years, the cost of electricity has risen on average 5% nationwide each year. Solar power can help offset these increasing costs. By producing your own electricity, you:

Gain financial security by increasing energy independence

Reduce your exposure to rapidly-accelerating utility costs

Modern house with photovoltaic solar cells on the roof and a thermal solar heating system for alternative energy production

Increase The Value Of Your Property

A solar system is a home improvement that can reduce your energy costs and should increase the value of your home.

Investments in energy efficiency are traditionally valued based on how quickly the investment pays for itself.

This investment in solar for your home adds value to your property. According to the National Appraisal Journal, every $1 saved in annual utility bills from solar and energy efficient roofing adds roughly $20 to your Cincinnati home’s resale value

It's More Affordable Than You Might Think

The size and cost of your solar installation depends on your electricity bill and energy savings goals. In many cases, we can install solar on your home for little or nothing down and incorporate it into a new, or existing roof. There are also several finance options you can consider, if coming up with the cash out of pocket is an issue.

Solar systems don’t necessarily need to offset 100% of your energy needs – partially offsetting your electric bills will still generate savings for your home.

In some cases, a home’s solar system has been able to generate twice as much savings as the installed cost was to the homeowner, over the lifetime of the solar system

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